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Writer Program Overview & Expectations

To help you better gauge whether Tempesta Media is a fit for you, we have outlined what our expectations are and what you can expect from our program

Getting assignments

Unlike other platforms, our writers write for the same customers on an ongoing basis. Doing so can give you a steady income stream. It also gives you a deep understanding of the customer's content needs.

Depending on your industry expertise (technology, finance, health care and manufacturing industries in most demand), you can expect to receive invitations to paid writer auditions. These auditions represent your opportunity to get onto a customer’s writing team. If you do a good job demonstrating your industry expertise and writing quality, the customer will accept you onto their team. Correspondingly, if you get rejected by enough customers, you will not receive further paid writing auditions.

Increasing your earnings

To increase your earnings, consistently produce excellent content for your existing customers. Doing so will earn you additional paid writing auditions for more customer writing teams.

Turnaround times

Listed below are turnaround time expectations for specific assignment types and lengths:

  • Paid writer audition – 1 business day
  • Content assignments <500 words – 1 business day
  • Content assignments 500 – 1,000 words – 2 business days
  • Content assignments each addition 500 words = 1 additional business day

As you are an independent contractor, you control your working time and availability. If you are not available to write on certain days, or need to take time out from writing, you can update your availability within your account.


All writers are paid by ACH. Payments are made by the 15th of each month on all earnings of $10.00 or more accumulated through the end of the prior month.

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Please attach your resume with education and work experience. We will use your resume and application answers to determine your eligibility to receive paid writing assignments.

Cents per word
The current industry average for content creation is $0.05 - $0.10 per word.
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Please select the industry in which you are most qualified:

Allowed to select up to 3

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We would like to better understand your level of expertise. Please answer these interview questions: