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Bullseye Effectâ„¢ Solution Modules

Tempesta Media’s managed service solution Bullseye Effect offers over 30 modules of digital marketing and is fully customizable. Each digital marketing strategy is unique and includes just those components that help accelerate and maximize results.

Top modules:

Content marketing

Publication support

Search Engine Optimization

Why SEO should be the backbone of your marketing program

Our Search Engine Optimization modules combine all aspects of SEO. By optimizing your content and the structure of your site, your pages become easier to discover, index, and rank. We can increase the organic traffic of your website and boost signals that result in a higher rank.

The two MSP solution modules act as a strong foundation for your digital presence. These modules can improve your visibility in searches, drive organic traffic to your site, and help you target the right users. Combining these modules results in a comprehensive SEO campaign, a strong asset that can even improve resilience.

The importance of an omnichannel approach

With over 30 Bullseye Effect solution modules to choose from, we can work together to design a marketing plan adapted to your unique needs.

Our modules include content marketing, social media, email marketing, paid ads, and more. These modules allow you to explore a wide range of opportunities for growing your presence while remaining consistent from one channel to another.

Our goal is to offer a variety of modules so you can develop an omnichannel presence. Customers increasingly expect brands to take an omnichannel approach, including in the B2B space. This strategy can improve brand recognition. It also allows customers to engage via their preferred channel for a better experience.

Top modules:

Social media


Email marketing


Paid ads

Influencer marketing

Building blocks for marketing

Our goal is to tailor what we do to the needs of each business. With more than 30 modules, we can select the building blocks that make the most sense for your goals and audience. If your goals change, the modules that we deploy for your program change, too.