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Bullseye Effect™ - your managed content marketing solution

Combining content marketing with social media and influencer marketing, our managed service is the turnkey marketing solution for growing service businesses.

We also believe in sharing risk and reward: our compensation aligns with your success. By working with us, you can eliminate the expense of hiring content, influencer, and social media marketing specialists or agencies. We do it all. That means you get a great ROI and a stellar return on time (ROT).

Bullseye Effect solution is the only managed service specifically designed for marketers to leverage the power of organic content for high ROI, lead generation, and revenue.

Tempesta Media’s managed service solution extends far beyond content production. Our comprehensive capabilities span the most effective areas within digital marketing.

Our difference starts with our approach and philosophy. Tempesta Media’s Bullseye Effect™ is squarely aimed at achieving financial results, not creating content for the sake of creating it. We feel that content production is a valuable tool, but it’s merely a means to an end, not the end result.

How we do it?

Bullseye effect diagram

Why do customers choose Tempesta Media's Bullseye Effect service solution?

We deliver a range of distinctive benefits:

Prova™ 90-point assessment

Prova highlights where your content marketing program is strong and where it can be improved. It’s a comprehensive digital marketing game plan customized for your company’s goals and needs.

Digital marketing platform Coreform™

Our platform is designed from the ground up with a focus on driving revenue efficiently. Big data and machine learning significantly improve content, social media, and influencer workflow for a better ROT.

Subject matter expert team

You benefit from a proactive team of marketing specialists proficient in the tools and programs used in various marketing fields.

Qualified customer success team

We ensure quality implementation, monitoring, and ongoing optimization of the content plan.

Simple Social Share™

This tool powers your social media presence with posts written by expert copywriters to drive greater engagement and reach.

Revolutionary influencer solutions

We build accountability using our predictive brand value methodology and optimize based on each influencer’s ability to drive engagement.


  • Establishing a Voice Profile that locks in your specific niche.
  • Achieving additional cost savings by consolidating with one vendor.
  • Providing marketing consultation for data-driven decisions.


  • Increasing brand loyalty.
  • Reducing costs.
  • Getting average order size higher.
  • Skyrocketing repetitive purchases.


  • Incorporating compliance within the workflow.
  • Aligning marketing processes with your business objectives.
  • Performing competitor analyses to improve relevancy with your audience.


  • Expanding marketing capacity while cutting costs.
  • Implementing the latest SEO practices and innovations.
  • Increasing patient connections through content engagement, leading to a booming practice.

Technology Companies

  • Expansion of the base of potential customers.
  • Ensuring trust in your business on the part of potential customers.
  • A growing number of leads.
  • Top ranking in the search engine.

Who we work with

While Bullseye Effect solution works for all service businesses, our focus is on financial services, healthcare, and technology companies.

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