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Content marketing solutions

™Launch, optimize, and scale your content marketing programs with Coreform™, Tempesta Media’s platform. Our content marketing solution significantly improves each stage of your content production and publication cycle.

Our Augmented Experts bring the best of two worlds together. We use vetted experts from within your industry. Then, we augment them with artificial intelligence (AI) found within the Coreform platform.  Doing so allows us to create deeply insightful content that engages with your audience and drives action.

With Augmented Experts, we’re able to create unparalleled content quality at scale.   

Complete the kick-off and writer audition

Get started fast! When you begin, we will develop a content style guide – our Voice Profile™ – for you. You will then participate in a writer audition to pick which writers you want to write for you on an ongoing basis. Your customer success manager will be your primary point of contact and content marketing guide throughout this process.

Review content

Your expert writing team conducts any research and creates your content to match your Voice Profile and fulfill any guidelines. All content is edited by our in-house editors prior to your initial review. We also optimize content for both readability and SEO.

Request revisions

While we strive for perfection, we understand that every draft of content may not be what you had in mind, so we offer unlimited revisions to ensure that the completed content is exactly what you want.

Download and publish

As soon as revisions are complete, you’ll be the proud owner of a high-quality, expertly written piece of content. You now own the rights to this content and can choose to publish it to your blog, send it out as an email newsletter, or craft it into a stunning e-guide.