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Content marketing is a powerful way to attract and retain customers. Tempesta Media’s managed solution Bullseye Effect™ empowers e-commerce companies to stand out from the competition while increasing ROI.

We’re a team of digital marketing professionals who can create and optimize your marketing programs to achieve the results you want. 

Our team has deep knowledge and experience with paid Google AdWords, product description writing, and social and influencer marketing — components that are crucial to e-commerce success.


We currently serve these niche companies:

Digital marketing managed service solution Bullseye Effect from Tempesta Media includes content, social media, and influencer marketing. This combination enables us to drive revenue for you by improving your bottom-line performance and lowering your costs by up to 80%.

Bullseye Effect™ solution capabilities focus on key aspects of e-commerce marketing:


Marketing strategy plays a vital role in the success of any e-commerce company.

Our team can create a comprehensive marketing plan for your business that makes everything measurable and implement in a structured manner. 

With Tempesta Media’s specific guidelines and marketing tactics, e-commerce companies achieve their business goals while increasing ROI by up to 30%.


Tempesta Media’s team puts your marketing plan into action and meet its objectives by breaking it down into specific projects and tasks. 

We turn your strategy into real-life activities with marketing execution and provide you with the appropriate reports at the right time.


Track your metrics to see how well your native content marketing campaign is doing. Identify areas of strength to encourage and capitalize on, as well as areas that need to be developed and maximize your performance.

We have more ways to measure and analyze marketing success on paid advertising campaigns with our analytics solution – Analyticlab. These methods will help you determine your optimal budget, measure your campaign performance, and clearly see its effect on sales.


Tempesta Media refines your marketing efforts according to the chosen strategy in order to maximize your targeted company outcomes.

We can optimize each individual marketing method we use based on the statistics, and as a result, improve the overall marketing strategy’s performance.

Content Marketing

Beyond product descriptions, Tempesta Media offers 12 more content types. Defined turnaround times, experienced content creators, and much more drive revenue and ROI.

Social Media

Drive new and repeat sales with our fully managed social media solutions. Build your following and their engagement with powerful social media content.

Paid Media

Paid advertising is crucial for generating tangible results fast. Scale up your sales using our leading-edge technology and best practices.


Drive repeat purchases by communicating with your audience in a customized way that supports their buying journey.

Search Engine Optimization

Get your products into the search engine results and raise revenue fast. Our proprietary platform quickly uncovers optimization opportunities that lead to results.


Develop a new revenue channel with influencer marketing. Enlist the help of influencers to promote your brand and products on a global level.

How we do it

Our digital marketing managed service solution Bullseye Effect was created for e-commerce to give the following results:

  • Increased marketing return on advertisement spend (ROAS).
  • Increased average order size.
  • Increased repeat purchases.
  • Higher brand loyalty.
  • Decreased costs.

Our customers can rely on us to help them reach their corporate and strategic goals, including higher revenue, new customers, and greater brand visibility. Whether it’s managing holistic and tightly integrated content, implementing social and influencer marketing initiatives, or leveraging extensive industry knowledge, the goal is always the same: to provide results that matter.

By linking our success to your company objectives, we work side by side with you as true partners.

Find out how we can help you.