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Financial Services

Amid fast-growing competition, content marketing is an essential part of your business.

Tempesta Media’s managed marketing solution Bullseye Effect™ helps financial services companies generate more revenue and boost engagement.

Having deep experience in digital marketing, we are able to scale your program to increase your client base.

We proudly work with companies within these industry segments:

Our managed service solution Bullseye Effect seamlessly incorporates content, social media, and influencer marketing together to drive revenue for you. Achieve superior bottom-line performance while reducing your costs by up to 80%.

Bullseye Effect solution capabilities focus on key areas of financial services:

Coreform™ platform

Coreform, our innovative platform was designed from the ground up with a focus on driving revenue with cost savings in mind. Our proprietary technology intelligently optimizes content, making it perform better.

Big data and machine learning are applied to significantly improve content workflow, reducing the average content revision rate by up to 90%. Tasks that most internal marketing teams perform manually are automated, reducing the operational cost of content and improving program ROI.


With the knowledge gained from producing and optimizing over 50,000 pieces of content since 2011, we are able to apply unique, proprietary processes that provide a significant return on time for you, while producing quality content at scale. Our processes tightly integrate content, social media, and influencer marketing so they cohesively perform as one unified program.


We uniquely combine the talent and creativity of our people with the power of our platform to drive results. Our customer success managers are highly skilled in the craft of content marketing, having attained multiple industry certifications (including HubSpot, SEO, Google, and others). Our vetted industry experts average over 11 years of experience in your industry, and we only work with the top 3% of the 27,000 US experts who we have vetted.

Content Marketing

Present yourself as a thought leader by educating your audience on relevant topics and updates.

Social Media

Build relationships with your audience by interacting with them on appropriate channels that work best for financial services.


Develop professional and trusted relationships with B2B and B2C audiences.

Search Engine Optimization

Improve user experience and increase buyer confidence with the best SEO optimization tactics.


Partner with influencers in the financial industry to make candid connections with your audience and expand your visibility.

How we do it

Improve your program’s performance by identifying pockets of low competition opportunities. Discover your competitors’ programs’ weaknesses:
  • Benchmark your social media performance against your competition.
  • Identify both your and your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses.
  • Get actionable recommendations for improving your content and social media programs.

Whether it is revenue, leads, SEO, or brand visibility, our customers rely on us to achieve their corporate and strategic objectives. Regardless of whether it’s managing holistic and tightly integrated content, social, and influencer marketing programs or applying deep experience of your industry, the focus remains the same – results that matter.

We work side-by-side with you as true partners by aligning our success to your business objectives.

Find out how we can help you.