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Solutions Overview

Scaling a business takes endless energy, and practical managed services solutions free you to focus on what truly matters: Your business.
What we do

Tempesta Media consistently drives results by leveraging the latest tech tools, data-driven insights, and a proven strategic approach to developing content-led customer acquisition programs.

How we do it

As a managed services provider, Tempesta Media leverages proprietary tools to build a customized marketing plan adapted to the goals and needs of each customer.


Our onboarding process starts with our Prova™ assessment. This first step gives us visibility over your marketing efforts:

  • Prova™ analyzes over 90 data points to identify blockers and opportunities for your company.
  • We deeply analyze these data points and develop a customized roadmap to enhance your existing marketing program and implement new strategies.

Bullseye Effect™

Bullseye Effect ™ is our core managed services solution, combining multiple components for a customized digital marketing strategy.

Here’s how we create a solution that aligns with your goals and KPIs:

Augmented Experts™

Our Augmented Experts model unlocks quality at scale thanks to the fusion of human industry experts and AI:

  • Our vetted industry experts rely on their first-hand experience to deliver compelling content with thought-provoking insights that engage your audience.
  • AI and automation streamline the content creation processes, making content creation scalable, cost-effective, and competitive.
  • Augmented Experts deliver quality at scale and fast turnaround times.


Coreform™ automates manual tasks in digital marketing, offering strategic tools for content, social media, email, and influencer marketing.

  • Content workflow management is easy and intuitive, giving you a program-wide view of all your content assets in their production and publication journey.
  • It integrates with various platforms, including HubSpot, WordPress, Google Analytics, Facebook, and Twitter, ensuring quality at scale and cost-effectiveness.
  • Its user-friendly interface allows for quick deployment and delivers fast results.

Comprehensive Reporting and  Continuous Optimization

As a results-driven managed services provider, we measure performance and provide effective tools for continuous optimization.

  • Our Analyticlab solution offers deep analytics, comprehensive reporting, and continuous optimization, granting full visibility into your marketing.
  • These insights drive better decisions and ongoing improvements, leading to higher ROI and faster results.

Program optimization

Once strategy, KPIs and an implementation plan are developed, it’s time to execute. Unlike agencies, your digital marketing program is optimized continuously.

  • With real-time data from Analyticlab, we can quickly identify areas for improvement, implement them and quickly see the results.
  • Through our ongoing optimization, we’re able to achieve positive ROI for our customers in a couple of months and scale shortly thereafter.
  • Best of all, the entire program is managed by our expert managed solutions team.

Our Results Speak for Themselves

Our customers get results that matter. Here’s how our managed services solutions make a difference.

Our customers share their success stories

Brett Knox
CEO of Raiven

“We are very pleased with Tempesta Media’s Managed Service, Bullseye Effect™. We have a lot of marketing activities being executed daily, and Tempesta manages the entire operation with their technology platform and internal and external resources. Tempesta is very innovative in their marketing strategy and execution, metric-tracking, and technology. I’d highly recommend their managed service!”

Gary Kreissman
Group PRM

“My clients need content that is highly technical but intuitive. This helps them cut through the clutter to be seen as thought leaders. By partnering with Tempesta Media, we can scale content creation while maintaining the client’s unique voice. I am impressed with Tempesta Media’s ability to deliver quality content that simplifies the complexity of each client’s industry. I know that Tempesta Media will keep my clients happy!”

Learn more about the Bullseye Effect™ with these case studies

Tempesta Media drives a 600% increase in referral leads in 12 months


Increase in referral traffic leads


Increase in total leads


Increase in organic traffic leads

Tempesta Media drives a 53% increase in leads in three months


Increase in leads generation


Increase in referral traffic leads


Increase in blog post publication

Connect With Your New Partner for Success

Tempesta Media is a unique managed services solution provider that blends proven marketing strategies, human expertise, and innovative technology. Our goal is to help organizations like yours turn their digital presence into a strong growth driver through a customized approach.