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Tempesta Media’s culture is based on our core values. We are passionate about digital marketing, but we go above and beyond by combining that passion with soft skills that make our work environment a field for growth and development in three directions: personal, professional, and team.

Our Values

and integrity

Integrity is a valuable skill for us. We believe that people who act according to their principles always show the best results.

and drive

We define this value as setting up goals, taking on risks and challenges, and applying skills and tools for guaranteed achievement of the best outcomes.


We always try to perceive obstacles as lessons that enable us to be better than yesterday. Self-improvement is the foundation of our core values.

and initiative

Being proactive and taking initiative give us the opportunity to anticipate change and put forth new ideas. This value is about creating great conditions to think critically and improve.

The Tempesta Media team always strives to achieve our mission, but we also have fun together, and we solve problems together too.

Each member of our team has a positive and friendly spirit, and we are always ready to help. We believe that strength lies in unity and mutual respect.

Our culture of integrity and excellence in a constructive and collaborative environment gives us the opportunity to be creative while finding the right solutions.

Explore a career with Tempesta Media

Tempesta Media is growing! We seek talented individuals who can be impact contributors. Check out our careers page for information on our latest openings.