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Technology Companies

Digital marketing in the tech industry is a game changer. As the competition in this industry grows so fast, your program requires a proactive and professional approach.

With more than ten years of experience in marketing for technology companies, Tempesta Media’s experts are here to assist your brand get the visibility it deserves.

Tempesta Media provides services for technology companies within these industry segments:

Our turnkey digital marketing managed service solution Bullseye Effect™ is designed for high return on investment (ROI) and return on time (ROT). Bullseye Effect effectively combines influencer marketing, social media, and content to generate leads for you. Achieve outstanding bottom-line performance while reducing 80% of your costs.

Bullseye Effect service capabilities focus on critical areas of technology companies:

How we do it

Bullseye effect

Content Marketing

Content is essential to expanding your prospects base. Practical informational values and ideas can be incorporated into your content, so readers can trust your business if they can see that you are credible.

Social Media

A solid social media presence is one of the critical components of a successful technology company. Let us build a customized strategy that will increase brand awareness, drive engagement and followers and ultimately drive leads.


Put your business right away at the top of search engine rankings. We can instantly raise your business to the top of Google’s search results for your keyword. Our team of specialists can design tailored ad copy, bid tactics, and targeting techniques for advertising campaigns.


Let us create for you an email campaign that gets people to click and go to your website. Our specialists have experience creating eye-catching and personalized emails for tech companies.

Our technology companies’ clients depend on us to help them meet their business and strategic goals, regardless of whether those goals are income, leads, SEO, or brand visibility. The focus is always on results that matter.

We collaborate with you as true partners by tying our performance to your company goals.

Learn how we can assist you.