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Strategy Development

Strong marketing programs begin with comprehensive strategy development, clearly defined success metrics, and an operational and management framework.

Tempesta Media’s strategy development is always led by at least one member of Tempesta Media’s leadership team. They lead the initial development of your program and play an essential role in monthly and quarterly optimization updates.

Strategy development starts from Prova™ - the digital marketing assessment. It helps to explore the landscape of opportunities for your business.
Defining goals and objectives.
Setting up KPIs.
Select Bullseye Effect™ solution modules.
Analyze data with Analyticlab™.
Optimize performance.

Get results with data-driven marketing

From supporting better decisions to delivering memorable experiences, data is driving digital transformation.

Data is at the core of our strategy development process. When we identify KPIs for your campaign, we select data points that are representative of your goals to track progress with accuracy. Our goal is to capture a comprehensive picture and look beyond vanity metrics to focus on performance.

Analyzing data allows us to pinpoint the content, channels, and strategies that yield the best results. We can then focus our efforts on these areas or make changes to any underperforming channels. This approach results in increased transparency and visibility for our clients. It also supports future marketing decisions since we have historical data to rely on.

The difference a strategic approach makes

There is no one-size-fits-all in marketing. By taking the time to understand your goals and identify any particular challenges you’re facing, Tempesta Media can develop a customized strategy.

We understand that your business is unique. Your goals will vary based on your industry, size, and other factors. Our strategic approach means that every action we take is the result of a decision that takes your unique situation into consideration.

Why aim for continuous improvement?

The goal of our strategy development process is to help you achieve continuous improvement. As we run marketing campaigns, we’ll learn more about the behaviors and preferences of your target audience.

Thanks to our data-driven approach, we can turn these insights into a powerful tool for long-term growth. The more we learn about your audience, the better we’ll be able to adapt and customize the strategies we implement through our different Bullseye Effect modules.

This model allows us to be reactive and flexible. We can adapt to your changing goals as your business grows and respond to new trends quickly.