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The Top 6 Marketing Challenges for the Building Trades: Are They Holding Your Business Back?

A row of newly constructed houses showcasing modern architecture, ideal for marketing for construction companies.

The Top 6 Marketing Challenges for the Building Trades: Are They Holding Your Business Back?

A row of newly constructed houses showcasing modern architecture, ideal for marketing for construction companies.

The Top 6 Marketing Challenges for the Building Trades: Are They Holding Your Business Back?

The construction industry is becoming increasingly digitized as customers shop for construction services online. Contractors need to rethink their approach to marketing to stay ahead of the competition.

Exciting opportunities are on the rise in the construction sector. However, contractors face challenges linked to inflation and economic uncertainty.

Experts recommend moving toward a digital customer acquisition process that leverages online marketing for construction companies.

Whether you’re just getting started with digital marketing or have an established program, it’s vital to avoid these common mistakes.

A laptop displaying analytics and performance metrics, essential for marketing for construction companies.

Mistake #1: You Lack a Strong Differentiator

There are 3.7 million construction businesses in the U.S. What sets your company apart?

Many construction contractors offer similar services. For customers, marketing for construction companies tends to look and feel the same, making it difficult to identify a vendor that stands out.

Don’t be just another contractor running another boring ad. Stay away from generic messaging and branding. Identify what makes your business unique, and build your construction advertising campaign around this differentiator. Examples include:

  • Expertise in fields like building automation or electrification
  • Experience with a specific building type
  • A green building certification

Mistake #2: You Have a Weak Digital Presence

Are you overlooking marketing? It’s a common mistake. Contractors have a lot to do between managing internal processes and the job site.

Make no mistake—treating digital marketing as an afterthought means you’re losing out to competitors. In today’s market, prospects go online for everything. If they can’t find you on Google or social media, they probably won’t find you at all.

An underdeveloped online presence limits your visibility because your funnel is inadequate.

Mistake #3: You’re Not Embracing Innovation

The construction industry is changing:

  • Demand for sustainable buildings and green construction practices is up.
  • More contractors use smart procurement to manage costs.
  • Labor shortages are a reality. Contractors are focusing on training and upskilling.
  • Generative AI is streamlining processes.

Your marketing message needs to reflect how your business is changing. Tell your audience how you’re addressing challenges and staying relevant.

 A modern, sustainable building with unique architectural features, highlighting the potential for marketing for construction companies.

Mistake #4: You’re Not Telling Stories

In the world of marketing for construction companies, storytelling is a powerful way to connect with your audience.

  • Stories are engaging and fun to read, so they create emotional connections.
  • They show the unique benefits you offer.
  • You can talk about how you’ve solved pain points your audience relates to.

Stories are a key element of any successful marketing for construction companies campaign. Customer testimonials are a great way to tell engaging stories and boost social proof. You can also use case studies to document construction projects with visuals and numbers.

Mistake #5: You’re Ignoring Customer Feedback

There is a lot to learn from your target audience. Feedback can give you an idea of which tradesmen marketing strategies are working and which need improvement.

Here’s how you can use feedback:

  • Analytics can tell you which channels or topics perform best.
  • Surveys help you understand customer satisfaction.
  • Focus groups reveal deeper insights into how customers shop for construction services.
  • A marketing agency for home builders can recommend the best ways to gather and use feedback.

Mistake #6: Local SEO and Online Reviews Aren’t a Priority

Local search results are one of the best places to advertise construction business. Getting your website to rank first isn’t enough. You need to boost visibility in SERPs (search engine results pages) by embracing the wide range of result formats used by Google, including business profiles, maps, reviews, paid ads, and more.

Target these formats by prioritizing local SEO and social proof. Showing up in different result types makes your marketing efforts more consistent and improves visibility, recognition, and trust.

A person writing the word “AUDIENCE” on a whiteboard, crucial for marketing for construction companies.

Address These Mistakes With a Construction Marketing Agency

Many construction marketing challenges stem from neglecting your online presence. As opportunities grow and challenges intensify, construction contractors can benefit from outsourcing marketing to a partner.

Tempesta Media, a result-driven managed marketing service, can develop a customized roadmap to success, supporting goals like visibility, lead generation, and more. Get started today with a free marketing assessment.

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