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Managed Solution Team

A dedicated managed service manager that will ensure your program performs effectively, on time and under budget.

Our managed services team includes experienced managers that proactively address customer needs. In addition, Tempesta Media’s qualified managed solution team members ensure quality implementation, monitoring and optimization of your digital marketing program.

We are proud of the main differentiator of our managed solution team members from others, as we are taking the proactive approach. Instead of merely responding to questions as they arise, we look closely at customers’ expectations to help them reach their business goals fast.

A customized approach

One of our managed solution managers will work on your account and learn everything about your business, audience, and goals. They will act as a point of contact who can answer your questions and address your concerns. This person will also oversee your marketing strategy, keep you up to date, and actively work on making improvements.

Customization is not unique to us, but our managed solution team model allows us to offer a level of quality and personalization that few other managed service solutions can offer.

A partner for growth

Our goal behind assigning a managed solution team member to your marketing campaign is to become a long-term partner for growth. Therefore, your marketing goals are important to us, and achieving these goals is how we measure our own success.

Through ongoing email support, weekly and monthly updates, and other communication forms, we build partnerships with our customers. This approach allows us to understand their concerns and anticipate their needs. In addition, it makes use more reactive and enables us to identify the best strategies to achieve growth.

Better visibility over your marketing efforts

Outsourcing has several benefits, but a lack of control and visibility is a common concern. By assigning a managed solution team manager as your primary touchpoint, our goal is to address this concern.

You’ll be able to discuss your goals or changing needs at any time and receive regular updates via this person. We believe that communication, transparency, and visibility are essential for success, which is why our managed solution team managers play such an important role.

How our CSMs work