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Coreform™ - a Solution for Your Content

Tempesta Media is designed to deliver great content written by experts with a fast turnaround time. It’s just that simple. Combining three of the most effective digital marketing channels and all-inclusive services will give you the tools to grow your business.

Content Marketing

Planning and Strategy

If you have any difficulties creating content marketing campaigns, we help you through our content marketing consulting services.

Our editorial calendars give you complete visibility and control of your content marketing program. We will provide you with a detailed content plan, including individual content outlines, recommended assignment release dates and more.

Even better, once you approve your editorial calendar, we load and release your content assignments based on the calendar through our platform Coreform, saving you more time.

Voice ProfileTM

Tempesta Media’s Voice Profile is a style guide for content. The Voice Profile helps ensure that your content accurately captures your company’s unique brand, writing style, communication preference, formatting nuances and much more.

The Voice Profile is your style guide for content.

You are looking for high-quality content that is compelling and informative. You also need the content to be in the right voice. Tempesta Media’s proprietary Voice Profile captures your voice and all the nuances that make your brand unique. All content produced will use this Voice Profile as the framework for its creation.

Writer Audition

Get started on the right foot! In a writer audition, you can pick which writers you want to write for you on an ongoing basis. Your first writer audition is free.

When you order a writer audition, up to 10 vetted writers will apply to be a member of your writing team. Each writer will submit a 300-word sample of content, based on a topic of your choice. You will then choose the writers whose writing styles and tone most closely match your company.

Once selected, they will be the writers who write for you consistently. As they get to know your company’s nuances, the quality of the content will steadily improve. You get the benefits of a dedicated writing team, without the costs of doing it in house!

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Posts Creation

Have a consistent social media presence with curated content. Order curated social media posts from expert writers, and boost your thought leadership positions while engaging with your audience.

Social Media Management

To see real results from your social media marketing campaigns, your content needs to be consistent, focused and valuable to your audience.

Whether you are publishing curated content or sharing your new blog posts, Tempesta Media’s Simple Social Share can strengthen your social media networks with optimized posts written by experts.

Social Media Scheduling

  • Manage all your social media content within one dashboard.
  • Add, remove or change social posts in seconds.
  • Set triggers for posts to automatically publish upon publication of the associated blog content.

Influencer Marketing

With Tempesta Media’s influencer marketing solution, you can build an ownable marketing channel that drives revenue and employee engagement.

Our employee advocacy program (EAP) allows you to easily share company messages with your employees. Next, your employees share it with their followers on social media or through email. Finally, as advocates of your company, they provided a trusted introduction to prospective customers and job seekers.