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Workflow and Publishing

Get the best return on time (ROT) with our automated workflow.

Plan → Order → Review → Approve → Publish

Do all of this in Coreform™ content marketing platform.


Develop a detailed editorial calendar to cover your content needs.

An editorial calendar acts as a roadmap and blueprint of your content marketing program. Each editorial calendar includes complete article outlines. These outlines explain in detail what will be written and the research sources used.

Essentially, you can understand and approve precisely what will be written before your writing team begins content development.

Order the content

You can easily order the different content types you need. All the content is written by your writer team to sound as if it were written internally. The content is designed to help you increase leads, establish thought leadership, improve your SEO and grow your revenue.

Select pre-prepared samples and choose the necessary lines from the drop-down menu to make your content ordering as simple and as fast as possible – because we already took care of it.

Collaborative review

We make reviewing your content easy. From your comprehensive list of assignments, just choose the article you want to review. From there, you have a complete view of:

  • The title
  • The meta information (meta title, meta description and SEO focus keyword phrase)
  • The article draft

If you decide that the assignment would benefit from revisions, we make that easy too. Either upload a redlined Word document, complete with all of your changes and comments, or make your notes right in the assignment text. With our in-text highlighted comments, writers can see exactly what parts you want revised, right from the platform.

Manage content workflow

Content needs to go through multiple stages before it is ready for your prospects and customers to view it.

Use a combination of optimized processes to significantly improve your content workflow.

You will be able to review the article draft and request a revision if needed – with just a few clicks.

You now own the rights to this content and can choose to publish it to your blog, send it out as an email newsletter or craft it into a stunning e-guide.

As a result of our vast experience, we set the necessary numbers of features, which will be extremely helpful for you during the publishing process.