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Bullseye Effect™ solution is data-driven. That’s why analytics takes pride in place in our list of priorities.

We use digital marketing analytics solution Analyticlab as a core of our managed marketing solution by combining digital marketing and marketing analytics.

Content analytics basics

Many companies struggle to identify the best metrics to assess their content marketing program’s performance.

To combat that, Tempesta Media has identified several critical metrics at the beginning of a program’s life cycle that companies can use to measure the performance of their content marketing campaigns. These metrics fall under the term content analytics.

Your content marketing program will drive your top-funnel metrics in the early stages. In other words, these metrics generate awareness of your product or service and your company.

Additionally, as your content marketing program grows, the other metrics specific to your unique goals will be defined. Specifically, content production metrics – will help you determine whether you are meeting your content creation and delivery goals.

Furthermore, look at your publication schedule. Are you consistently publishing content? Are you posting on the same days and at the exact times? Moreover, which times produce more visitors or better engagement? With this information, you can alter your publication schedule to optimize your program and maximize results.

Tempesta Media’s content analytics feature

Tempesta Media’s content analytics feature, as a part of Analyticlab, focuses on an executive dashboard that covers top-funnel metrics. This gauges how your metrics are performing in real-time and over a period of time.

You’ll see your metrics improve as your program grows and you create more content. Then, when you publish and share that content, our module can provide you with these metrics simply and visually. All you have to do is click the analytics button, view the custom dashboard screen and identify how they perform.

Analyticlab - a complex performance analysis

Our team can deep analyze your overall website performance and program progress based on the key metrics, such as:

  • Revenue
  • Leads
  • Domain authority
  • Number of referral domains
  • Number of backlinks
  • Top organic keywords
  • Goal completion
  • Website traffic
  • And much more