Tempesta Media vs. Marketing Agencies

Our managed services generate significant revenue growth for forward-thinking businesses through content-led digital marketing. Our platform simplifies how companies manage and optimize their content, social media, and employee advocacy, allowing their internal teams to focus on their core services.

Generalists and entry-level writers lack the sophisticated knowledge to engage with a specialist audience properly. However, industry experts improve your content’s quality and trustworthiness and contribute specific knowledge and insights.

Your industry has its vernacular, industry terminology, and compliance requirements. Using a trusted partner with deep industry knowledge means better digital marketing programs that resonate with your target prospects and get results faster.

Significant technology deployment is required for most digital marketing programs to achieve peak performance. But it’s easy to overlook the total costs of purchasing, configuring, and deploying content management systems, deep analytics, and system integrations into your existing technology stack, causing barriers to launch. A managed service solution incorporates these technologies into one monthly subscription.

Defining and managing specific KPIs keeps your marketing spend accountable and focused on achieving your strategic objectives. A comprehensive and omnichannel view of all your digital marketing campaigns is necessary for KPI management.

Our custom-built strategies are tailored to your company’s specific needs, goals, and challenges, resulting in a higher ROI. Generic approaches can impair your program’s effectiveness, negatively impacting your brand.

A content-led managed service solution tightly integrates content marketing, social media marketing, employee advocacy, and other programs. Doing so leverages potential cross-campaign synergies, streamlines implementation and reporting, and forms the basis for omni-channel marketing. Most importantly, a holistic solution targeting prospective customers gains reach and frequency across marketing channels.

Real-time analytics provide immediate insights into your campaign’s performance, enabling agile adjustments to your content-led marketing programs and ultimately improving engagement and ROI.

A dedicated Senior Account Manager acts as a centralized point of contact, streamlines communication, and effectively and holistically manages all your digital marketing programs. As important, when senior-level oversight is coupled with deep industry knowledge, the combination truly enables your managed service provider to act as an extension of your marketing organization.

A single monthly subscription makes it easier to manage your expenses and calculate ROI. Paying for individual marketing services on an a la carte basis often leads to cost overruns, can complicate financial management, and increases cost volatility.

Our Coreform content marketing platform seamlessly integrates with leading apps and software, like Google Analytics 4 (GA4), Hubspot, and WordPress, streamlining your marketing efforts and enhancing your content marketing strategies.

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