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Qualify Leads | Content Marketing for Revenue Growth and Increased Leads: Part 3

call to action for content marketing

Qualify Leads | Content Marketing for Revenue Growth and Increased Leads: Part 3

Michael Marchese

March 21, 2019

Our last post from the series focused on driving traffic to your post. Today we are focusing on generating a conversion from the content.

Remember the tree falling in the woods? Not only will content without a distribution not make a sound but so will placing content on a website that has not been optimized for lead generation.

How to obtain and qualify leads with the right content marketing strategy

An optimized site uses content and a call-to-action (CTA) to guide a visitor to an impactful landing page, where they are compelled to enter information and become a lead. Here’s how to help the journey along:

Define your starting point

Are you totally new to lead generation? Do you have some stats on how previous lead campaigns have performed? What is an average conversion rate for your industry? Do some research, then define your benchmark.

avoid these mistakes when it comes to a website redesign

Optimize your website

Make sure it’s clear what people should do next when they like what they see: prominently display your phone number, email, et cetera. Add clear testimonials. You should also display certifications or high rankings from industry-trusted sources, if any.

Create CTAs

Your CTAs should be visually striking, with an active voice. Keep it short and drive with purpose. Call. Click. Download.

Offer something valuable

In exchange for following a CTA, what will a visitor get? Offer them a free trial of your product or service. Treat them to an informative webinar or give them a valuable white paper that you wrote. You can also offer them a promotion, such as a discount or other coupons.

Create lead generation forms

Where to place your lead forms will depend on what works best for your potential customers, so that means you’ll need to do some testing. It’s possible to put lead generation forms right on the homepage, in a footer, in a sidebar or as a pop-up – but you’ll need to experiment to see what works.

Generally, placement may depend on the kind of lead that you’re trying to capture.

Want more email subscribers? Put a quick form right on the homepage of your blog.

Want people to download an e-book? Direct them to a landing page with the form they need.

Examples of lead generation form tools include:

Perform A/B testing

You’ll need to constantly compare and contrast the effectiveness of different versions of your CTA, landing pages and website to lead form placement.

If you have questions, Tempesta Media, is happy to assist you in generating more high quality leads with content marketing. Get in touch to learn more.

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Michael Marchese

Michael is the founder and CEO of Tempesta Media. He is responsible for corporate strategy, executive team leadership, and overall business operations across all the company’s segments. With over 25 years of experience, he has held various strategic and operating positions. ​​As a recognized expert, he has served on numerous committees for the following industry associations: SEMPO (Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization), IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau), CGA (Casual Gaming Association), and the MMA (Mobile Marketing Association).

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