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Top 3 Social Media Trends for 2021

Top 3 Social Media Trends for 2021

Top 3 Social Media Trends for 2021

Anastasiia Lavrinenko

January 22, 2021

Learn more about social media and the impact it has on the market.

As we embark on the journey of 2021, we are all asking ourselves the same question: How is social media going to impact marketing this year?

It’s clear to see that marketers are extremely optimistic about the new year and how social media continues to impact the market. Learn more about the top three social media trends to look out for in 2021.

E-commerce to take over social media

E-commerce exploded in 2020, and it looks like there’s no stopping it in 2021 with social media being consumed with social commerce. Instagram and Facebook are utilizing an in-app purchasing model that will reduce the steps required to convert a user to a customer.

With technology like this, you can leverage brand loyalty and direct response from consumers in your target audience. We predict that in 2021, social media will be consumed with online shopping and e-commerce marketing.

4 Steps to Driving More Customers Through LinkedIn Content Strategy

LinkedIn to continue growing after 2020 surge

At this point, marketers are familiar with Facebook and Instagram, but let’s not forget about LinkedIn. In 2020, LinkedIn introduced live, events, polls and even stories, and it is trailing right behind the big dogs with ephemeral and interactive content that is sure to create a direct response from consumers.

The best content is transparent and engaging, like answering frequently asked questions in a compelling way or asking open-ended questions. With the conversation changing, it is more important than ever for businesses to share their values.

Ad creative to favor video over image

With the boom of Reels and TikTok, it only seems obvious that ad creative will need to lend itself to video over images in 2021. Facebook is even giving more prominence to Reels on Instagram, so that means marketers should implement videos into their strategy.

One thing we are noticing more of and that we feel is on the rise in 2021 is creative that centers around collages. We are very excited to see how marketers will incorporate collages into their ad creative and how the visual effect can have a direct response from consumers.

Get started on your social media strategy

Social media marketing is only going to continue to rise in 2021, and with the boom of the digital age, you can expect to see businesses taking their products online. Get ahead of the curve and implement this strategy into your social media marketing plan for 2021!

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Anastasiia Lavrinenko

Anastasia is the director of Paid and Organic Marketing at Tempesta Media. Her non-stop devouring of research and analytics content focused on PR, SEO, content marketing, SMM, SEM, and email marketing continues to inspire her to master new fields of marketing and develop unique views on digital marketing tactics. She is enthusiastic, loves to travel, and is interested in experiencing new languages and cultures.

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